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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

TDTKv2.0 Update

I know it has taken quite a bit of time. Also the updates has also come few and far between. I tried to make regular updates and I'm sure the time are better spent on actually working. Truth is I have a bit of OCD to try to gather as much material as I can before making a post. So it's that "just one more feature mentality" that keep me putting up stuffs regularly. Maybe my work rate is too slow.

Anyway enough of mumbling. Here's the current status of TDTK2.
  • Work has been started on documentation. 10 pages and I think I've only cover no more than 70%, possibly less. And I'm stilling adding features!
  • Multi-resources system has been in place. The system support configurable amount of resource type (custom name and icon for each resource are supported). It's actually much better than it sound, trust me.
  • Trap/Mine added, thanks to great suggestion from GIOWorks. It works just like the name suggest and it support all effect a normal tower have (damage, slow, freeze, etc.).
  • And other minor less exciting stuff.
That's it for now. I would say it's almost there and I'm really looking forward to replace this with current version. It also helps that I will have more time on my hand now (hopefully) I've just wrap up another iOS project. Thanks for all the support and anticipation for TDTK2, that's what keep me going.

For current TDTK user, please feel free to let me know if there any feature/utility that you would like to see. I'll try my best to incorporate them.

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