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Friday, 30 September 2011

PathFinder (Update)

It's been a hectic week. Didn't quite manage to focus on the thing I really wanted to do. 

But anyhow I manged to make some break through. I have optimised the my A* algorithm to a very acceptable speed. A rough average estimation shows that at worse case, it's able to search through around 400 nodes at 1ms. A performance I'm quite happy with. Not quite the "blazing speed" compared to the top unity path-finding pacakge out there but it's certainly powerful enough to meet any requirement of real time game without slowing down the game play.

Beside that, I've also managed to get it working with terrain with varied height. As well as implement a faster and more light-weight auto node generatior. So here's a build for showcase purpose, or bragging right. :)

So I've been working on both path-finding and TDTK v1.2 lately since the next addition of TDTK is gonna need path-finding. So next thing to do would be getting this optimized algorithm running within the frame work of TDTK.

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