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Monday, 19 December 2011

Bedtime Bunny Tales

Gamers look away! This is not something I would normally associated myself with, it is an interactive children's bedtime story book on iPhone and iPad. I love it for 3 reasons. The bunnies are cute and cuddly, it's beautifully drawn, and the bunnies are cute and cuddly. Yes, I'm a big girl/child/whatever. But really my pathetic intro really doesn't do this wonderful piece of work any justice. You can learn more from it's official site.

Alright, honestly. The reason this is on blog is no other than I help code the event editor that are used to handle the touch input and various effect and component interactivity in the app. This makes it the first iOS apps that I have a somewhat significant contribution (in my mind) in. I like to talk more about the technical details of it but I think no one will care. Especially when the art is just brilliant.

So, If you have kids, get it. If you love cute and cuddly bunnies and beautiful art work, get it. Did I mention that it's cute and cuddly. At any rate, at least get the lite version and see it for yourself. Here's the links to AppStore:

Ah, I feel so good being part of this.

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