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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

TDTK v2.1.3

Well, a new release in some time. To be honest it's not a big update. But it does contain one or two rather important fixes/changes which merit this release. And here they are:

  • background terrain with collider can now be ignored when placing tower.
  • change how the wave count is adjusted in SpawnEditor so it's less error prone.
  • add interface to remove a particular wave in spawnEditor without having to compromise the whole list.
  • added facility for OnGUI() based UI to use custom skin.

bug fix
  • fixed bug where path-finding not working when using PointNBuild mode on platform with more than 1 path.
  • fixed bug in spawnEditor where resource gain for each wave is not copied correctly when adding/removing wave.
  • fixed bug where path wont reconfigured when a tower on buildable platform is destroyed by creep.
  • fixed bug where building status overlay wont disappear when a tower is destroyed while being built, unbuilt or upgraded.

The most noticeable change would be the SpawnEditor. The old interface to adjust the wave count is error prone to say the least. A problem which become more apparent if you have more than 10 waves. I didn't realise until I use it extensively myself. If you delete the wave count field while adjusting the wave number, the editor will delete all the existing waves immediately, causing lost of configured wave information. Also there's no way to delete one particular wave in the middle of the list without needing to shuffle all the other wave manually.

With the new change, these problem is fixed. With that, I hope it will provide a better user experience. Like always, comments and feedbacks are welcome.


  1. Hi,
    I have purchased your Version 2Kit from Unity Asset Store and making a game on it. But i still use unity 3.5, i would like to get these updates with out porting to unity4. How would i do that? Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Please send me your email along with the AssetStore receipt. I'll keep you updated with a custom download link. Also I'll downgrade the requirement for TDTK in AssetStore from Unity4 to Unity3.5 in about 2 weeks time. I hope that is not too long.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I have a question
    If I buy a NUGI
    Then how can I cancel watermark IN your TDTK?

  4. Since there's no watermark for TDTK I assume you are refering to the watermark of NGUI. It can be removed by simply using the paid version of NGUI. You dont really need to do anything to remove it.

  5. First up, THANKS SONG! TDTK is the perfect tool for me, being new to scripting and dev. tools like this are invaluable...

    now for the but...
    I am getting my head around Unity 4, and love it, but it seems to have a little issue with TDTK's use of ".active" (now obsolete in Unity).
    As I said I am new to scripting, so as you might imagine I am having an "interesting" time trying to work around this issue...
    Any help you could provide would be awesome.

  6. If you are using TDTK full version, I believe I've remove all the obsolete code, except the NGUI relavent files.

    You can remove the warning by replacing .active with .activeInHierarchy and .SetActiveRecursively with .SetActive

    In cases where it uses .active= , you need to replace it to with SetActiveRecursively as well.

    Hope this help.

  7. Thanks Song that helped a lot... I had to play a little with .SetActive= making it .SetActive(true/false) but for 9 out of 10 errors .activeInHierarchy was the money code!

    Unity now says I am free of errors so it's back to work for me.

    And yes I am using the full version (2.1.3) with Unity 4 pro, all of the errors were in the UI* scripts (oh and 1 NGUI).

    Thanks again for your (very fast) help Song