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Monday, 18 November 2013

Some Thoughts

I've been playing with the idea of making an end user game. In fact I'm in the process of it, testing water here and there. I have a vague idea so what it should be. But whenever I comes down to the details, I got lost. What I realise is, it's quite easy to visioning a game, but it's very hard to actually sort out all the design details. Not when you try to consider every factor there is to consider. 

Probably it's just me. Since I know I'm working on my own here I have to keep the scale down so there shouldn't be too many elements. Ideally there should be two or three very simple core elements that plays together real well. At least the is what I have in mind. But I have trouble even just to nail that down. In the attempt of playing with various possibility, often a lot more thing springs to mind. As a result, a simple thought could snow-balling into a very complex concept and what happen then is I find myself back to square one realising I couldn't possibly pull the whole idea off.

It not just the dealing with the gameplay design, there's also asset integration to think of. When operating with limited resources, obviously I need to set things up so the game don't need huge amount of asset. An open world design would certainly kill me before I can really get to the project. Well, I'm a bit over cautious I think.

Anyway, the plan is to wrap up the contract work I have on my hand. At the same time, finish up the update for TBTK. Then I'll focus on developing the idea and see where it takes me. So much things to try when I think of it, I havent even try Unity4.3. It does make me wonder why am I taking time writing this. Well, a man has to rant I suppose.

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