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Monday, 20 January 2014

Status Update (I name thee MechCorp)

It's time for another status update for what I've been up to. I'm quite happy to say I've been quite productive for the past week. My mech game prorotype (which for now on shall be known as MechCorp) is finally taking its first shape and now playable. It still looked pretty rugged to be honest. There isn't much polish done yet. I merely manage to put the core concept in. And there's still a chunk of it missing.

So the big picture of the game is inspired by FTL and Oregan-Trail, the player will be trying to get to one end of a big map to another end. Along the way there will be random event to spice up the journey. The meat of the game tho, is to manage a squad of mechs, engage in turn based combat and try to survive. Imagine X-Com, in this case the player will be able to build their squad composition, customize each mech, manage the pilot leveling and so on. They also choose where to travel, which battle to fight and so on. You'll get the picture looking at this:

The mech can be customized in pretty much several aspects, which should cover most of relevant factor in the battle system. There's weapons, which determine the damage and damage type each attack. Then's there modification components, which can be used to modified the mech's basic stats like HP and dodge chance or even add new abilities. Finally the pilot, which will determine the effectiveness of the mech in battle. Of course, the pilots can also be leveled up after gaining experience in battle, improve their effectiveness, as well as gaining new perks and abilities.

The battle, as I've said in an earlier post, uses TBTK. Although I have to modify it a bit to fit various aspect of the game. Not much tho as the new MechCorp system is designed with TBTK in mind. The biggest difference of course, is each mech can carry at least two weapons and can be switched at any instant to meet different tactical need.

I would very much like to release a demo. However it's still too early in the development. There are simply too many things missing. The art asset, especially icons are none-existent. That makes thing a bit confusing. Also the event system is a bit half-baked so the gameplay is a bit dry. Until I figure everything is a bit more polished, I will hold on to it.

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