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Friday, 14 February 2014

MechCorp First Prototype

Feels like ages since I last make a post. Because it's probably is. This time, I'm pleased to say that the basic prototype of MechCorp is now done. For those that hasn't follow my blog. It's a project I'm working on. Which I will briefly describe as FTL meets XCom with setting from MechWarrior.

Basically the premises of the game is you need to travel across the universe leading a band of mercenaries. Along the way , you have to earn and manage the much needed resource to survive and make progress. Naturally, there will be random event to encounter and choice to make. And each encounter and decision will earn or cost you the resource you need. That is what FTL bit of the game

Then there's the XCom bit of the game, which is the squad and combat. So you control a squad of mechs, each can be manned by a pilot. There are lots of mech of course, each supposedly different from another. You can equipped the mech with various weapon or modification that change the base characteristic. Finally, the pilots can level up as they gain experience through battle, just like the squad member in XCom.  

Anyway if you are still reading at this point. Thanks alot. You are definitely interested in the concept. Perhaps you should just try the prototype build and find out what's what. When you are done, I'd love to hear your opinion on it. I'm basically baiting for ideas if you cant tell.  :)

Please keep in mind as this is an early prototype so there are uncomplete features, rough edges and bugs.

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