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Friday, 2 May 2014

3rd Annivesary of SongGameDev!!

Apparently today is the third anniversary since I started this blog. Whoa and whoa indeed! I wasn't paying any attention to it so I'm quite surprise to got an email saying it's been 3 years. It means that it's 3 years since I started this with the hope of making it as a full-time job. It also means that it has been more than 3 years since I first come across Unity and start using it.

It shouldn't really come as a total surprise since I made it past the first two years I should be able to make it past the third, considering the fact that I'm quite cautious and wouldn't have done this if I don't think it's viable. Still given the unpredictable nature of the industry, the fact that I manage to survive for 3 years has to count for something, right?

Well, I'm pretty pleased that compare to this time last year I've taken the big leap of making a full blown game with my own Asset. I'm speaking about MechCorp of course. What gives me the most satisfaction out of the project so far is that I've learned quite a lot trying to make all the asset myself. Hopefully I would be able to bring it to beta state within the next few months.

Then I'm very grateful that the my packages on AssetStore has been doing reasonably well. If you are one of those who has purchased and used my package and you are reading this, a huge thanks to you. You made it possible for me to concentrate on project like MechCorp. I do hope that I can make  framework like TDTK and TBTK. It's lots of fun trying to prototype different ideas on various genre without having to worry about the assets and making it into a end-user product. And seeing what people can do with them is really satisfying. But I've set myself quite a high standard to match with TDTK and TBTK. Despite my many experiments, anything that I deem not hitting that same standard will not get developed into a full framework to be put on AssetStore.

It's nice looking back at all the thing I've done to think how much I've progressed and all. But I really hope I can get MechCorp complete by this time next year. I mean, finally getting my own full game completed and released is surely a better cause to celebrate than some anniversary, right? So the resolution for the next 12 months, keep working I guess.

With that said, back to Work!

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  1. I couldn't find an e-mail contact for you, but wanted to get in contact. I'm part of a team including developers from Diaspora (freeware BSG game) who are working on a 4x space strategy game in the same style of Master of Orion 2.

    We're starting with a proof of concept tactical demo (for crowdfunding) followed by a retail skirmish mode and then the full game. Your programming experience is perfect for the project and I'm hoping you'd be interested.

    If this is at all of interest, please contact me at: