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Thursday, 24 March 2016

TopDownShooter-ToolKit v1.2

It's finally done, the so call progression system for TDS-TK that I've been talking about so long. It turns out better than I expect it to be and I'm really exited about it.

So basically we have the perk system that is more or less resemble the one in TDTK and TBTK. You can create perks item that do various thing. For now in TDS-TK, the options are modify player stats, modify weapon or ability stats/effect, or add new weapon and ability. There is an option to do custom effect but of course that would require additional scripting effort.

Apart from the perk system, there's the leveling system. It's pretty straight-forward. Player can gain experience from various source and level up once they accumulated enough experience point. As they level up, they gain various stat bonus.

Now the beauty is, the two leveling and perk systems can be used along side each other to do all sort of wonderful stuff. A very straight-forward implementation, level up would give the player perk currency which can then be spent on a skill tree (world of warcraft system). Or the perk can be used as attributes that player choose to invest point in upon level up (diablo system). Or a more passive system where certain perk would be unlocked automatically at specific level. All these setup are demonstrated in the demo scene. In theory, they are not mutually exclusive however the default UI can only support one of them at any given time. Anyway, these are how they look like:

On top of that, there's little addition here and there to support the new system like new trigger and new collectible, save system, etc. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. If you are wondering how is the leveling system is configured, here's a screen shot of the editors.

The new update has just been submitted to the AssetStore. There's a chance that it has gone live by the time you are reading this.  :)

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