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Friday, 8 July 2011

TDTK Update (v1.0 is Completed!)

Voila! Version1.0 of TDTK!
Finally I've wrap up the toolkit for the first release version. I'm putting it up to unity asset store as I'm posting this. I hope I can list out all the features in current version but frankly that is just too big a list! Anyway, here's the latest and final update to the current version since my last post.
  • Added AudioManager for music and general sound effect.
  • Sound effect support for creeps/units.
  • Sound effect support for towers and shootObject.
  • Towers build button now support icon display.
  • Complex spawning with multiple spawn point and path is now supported. (check out the new demo!)
  • Some tweaking to the GUI
  • Even more eye-candy and example prefabs.
  • Documented everything I can remember.
  • lots of bug fix
I certainly hope that I can add more update in the future. There are still many things that can be to added to make this a better TD toolkit. However I'm trying not to make things too complicated at this stage.

So here's a demo made using the final version. Please don't mind the inappropriate music and sound effect. :)

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