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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

TDTK Update

Since the last post, lost of feature has been implemented (some of them can be seen on the screenshot above). The most notable addition are the minimap and the visual effects, but here's the list:
  • configurable minimap
  • tooltip for build button
  • improved GUI elements (selection indicator and range indicator)
  • alternative resource for upgrades
  • resource gain after each wave is cleared
  • option to speed up time during gameplay
  • small tweak here and there, lots of polishing
  • and lots of visual effects, lots of explosion!
Most of the feature listed above can be customised to some extent. For instance, the texture of object on the minimap can be replaced and the map itself can be resize and re-position. The wave-end resource gain can be turn on or off or the gain rate can be adjusted and so on...

I'm particularly pleased with the eye-candies I've added. You have to see it to appreaciate it. To show what I mean, here's two brief playable demo updated from the last post.

Grid-based tower deployment -
- move mouse to screen edge to scroll
- left-click and drag to rotate view
- mouse scroll to zoom

Platform-based tower deployment -

- use w, a, s, d key to move around
- left-click and drag to rotate view
- mouse scroll to zoom

So yeah, we are close to wrapping up the development. I'm working on the documentation now. Have to say writing documentation is much much tougher than writing the code or putting new feature into the toolkit. >.<

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