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Thursday, 30 June 2011

RTS-X Development Update (Tech Tree... Again)

Exciting, exciting! Things in the art department are finally moving! And as a result I have this exquisite screenshot to show.

Ok, this is the same tech tree I showed in the previous update. The functionality remain the same, the newly added icon are the only addition here. All in all, a very small update to be honest. But at least some real art work at long last. Ognjen, an artist I corresponded on unity cummunity has made me this as part of an code art exchange deal. I'm very impressed to by the creativity and the amount of detail he put into these icon. I certainly hope we could work up more deals in the future.


  1. Is this planned on being sold in the asset store?

  2. Unfortunately no for two good reasons.

    1. I've lost the source code due to a break in incident in my house which result in me losing most, if not all of my work.

    2. It's really not suitable for customization the way it's coded.

    I would probably work on something similar again in near future. With customization and 3rd party code integration in consideration.