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Friday, 24 June 2011

RTS-X Development Update (New Tech Tree)

Yes this is an regular post regarding the mini RTS I've been working on and I've decided to name it as "RTS-X" for the time being until It is worthy of an epic name. Or until I can be bother to think one.

Noticed It's been slow on the update lately. Due to various reason, university commitment and other free-lance jobs etc... If only I could get a sponsor to support me working full time on this. But hey, at least the development is still going on, whenever I find time. I have been working on a rather big design feature and I think it's about time I do a new update on the blog and shed some light on the things I've been working on.

Behold, a brand new comprehensive multi-discipline tech-tree. The idea is very similar to the talent-tree or skill-tree found in most RPG. You can upgrade your tech in a semi-linear fashion and there are three different discipline to specialised in. The three discipline are command abilities, units and towers. You can invest command-point in either of this discipline to boost your combat ability in each corresponding discipline. Command-point can be gained by performing action in battle, deploy a unit, kill an enemy etc. (subject to change, this is still a WIP)

Here's some screenies. 

I know I'm still using the old icon and all the upgrade looks the same. But these are just place holders until I get some real icon for each upgrade. Hence the two screenies that show each icon represent different tech with different prerequisite and description. I'm desperately in need of getting someone to draw some decent icon for me. If you like to help, please contact me. You can reach me at my email:

Here's more detail about the tech:

Command Abilities:
A tech discipline specialised in enhancing the player ability in using command ability. Upgrade in this discipline to increase command ability efficiency and unlock more powerful ability. Example upgradable Tech:
  • Energy Generator - Increase the energy regeneration rate by X per sec for every level upgraded. (require 3 command-points in Command Abilities Discipline)
  • Artillery Barrage - A series of concentrated artillery shells. Each shell causes X aoe damage. X is increase for every level upgraded. (require 12 command-point in Command Abilities Discipline)
  • Intense Shelling - Increase artillery shells number of Artillery Barrage by each level upgraded. (require 12 command-points in Command Abilities Discipline and Artillery Barrage)

A tech discipline for player who wants to empower their unit. Spending command point in these upgrades makes the units more powerful as well as enabled other strategic perk the benefit usage of units in battle field.  So the old system where each unit has individual upgrades is still in place. The ultimate Bonus, you might be able to unlock a super unit or two if you dig deep into this tree! Example upgradable Tech:

  • Mass Production - Reduce the resource cost require to deploy unit for every level upgraded. (require 12 command-point in Units Discipline)
  • Demolisher -  Increase hp, damage and damage bonus against tower for every level upgraded. (require 8 command-point in Units Discipline)
  • Over-Charger - Unit has a chance to score a hit which cause double damage. (require 6 command-point in Units Discipline)

Tower upgrade equivalent of unit discipline. No example upgradable tech on this one. real sorry. I'll save it until I reveal how the towers work in the game.

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