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Monday, 6 June 2011

RTS-X Development Update: Command Abilties

New feature - Command abilities has been added into the game. Command abilities is a series of powerful abilities that can be used anytime to alter the tide of the battle. Current abilities include:
  • Particle Canon: A very high speed projectile based satellite canon that could cause tremendous damage in a concentrated area.
  • Ion Canon: A satellite fired, high damage, energy beam that would burn anything in its path. The beam can sweep along a path and even change direction while being fired!
  • Artillery Barrage: A series of artillery shelling on an area that would cause widespread damage
  • EMF Shockwave: Generate a EMF shockwave that disable and slightly damage all mechanical device within a big area temporarily. 
The usage of command ability required energy. A renewable resource that is constantly being charged. Like always, here's a link to try out the new feature, along with the units with new path finding algorithm.

The listed abilities below are those that currently implemented, there will be more as the development goes. Expect the next update to include command abilities relevant tech upgrades.

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