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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rubik's Cube

A very simple GUI based Rubik's cube puzzle. Rather than showing it in its full 3D glory, this one is just a 2D GUI interface that represent all the faces of a Rubik's cube. This faces can be manipulate using buttons. Underneath all this 2D GUI, the mechanism works exactly like a real Rubik's Cube. I've uploaded this game to kongregate, you can try it on this link if you are interested:

Mind you there are plenty a lot of good Rubik's Cube based puzzle implementation or alternate implementation that are better (3D) or more fun to play than this. Just bear in mind that this is just a showcase of my coding work and I only spend a few hours on it building from sketch to current state.

Of course I didn't wake up one morning and decided to code such mechanism. This is actually a modification from the work I've done recently. Rudy (the person who commission this) has generously giving me the permission to modify the source code I've written for him into a mini game. The original purpose of this application was an aiding tool for trading card game where each face of the cube will be mapped with a card, and the card can be highlighted in details upon mouse hover. Of course such feature has been taken out to suite this game purpose as a puzzle game.

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