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Thursday, 11 September 2014

TDTK v3.0 Sneak Peak

I've been silence for a long long time. Since June last I remember correctly. For those who are interest in the reason why I fell off the grid, I took a 2 weeks break. Then I got hook to Mount&Blade for what feels like a century. But for most the time I've been missing, I've been cracking on MechCorp. I've completely what I consider a early alpha state demo. Then comes Unity4.6, which brings me the reason of this post.

I've stated in the past that I'll add the new uGUI support to both TDTK and TBTK. And I've also stated in the past that I would like to rebuild TDTK from scratch, reason being the coding is getting harder to maintain after all this extension and addition. Plus I wasn't as skilled back then. And so I set to work on the new GUI, before I know it I'm rewriting whole framework from scratch. And before I know it I've working on it for 2 weeks. I never thought it would take this long when I get started. And the scary thing is, it still quite some way from done.

The good news is, the new framework feels so simple and streamlined in term of coding compare to the old one. I think this will be great for anyone who like to modify the code themselves. Or at least it will be much easier for me to accommodate any future modification request. I feel like all this is worth it.

The editors has also been given a face lift. It's just subtle changes here and there but I hope they are for the better. Well at least now the full tooltip support should reduce the needs to refer to the documentation. Here are a sneak peak of SpawnEditor and TowerEditor, do keep in mind that they are work in progress.

Finally there's the new UI itself, I hope you like what you see.

Apart from what is shown, there are some other completely new stuff that I like to try and add. Very exciting about to see what I can achieve with the idea.. My hope is to get this done asap. Then move on to TBTK to give it the same treatment, before getting back to MechCorp. I really cant wait to get all these out in the public. Have to say I haven't been this exciting for quite some time. 

Now back to work, make things happen!


  1. Hey, im very interested in using your ToolKit, can't wait for the next release. A game called OTTTD is something i'm trying to out do; hopefully your ToolKit with make it easy to accomplish.

    If you never heard of the game, you should give it a look. Its very popular due to its use of click and play characters and traditional tower placements. Hopefully you can respond and tell me I'll have a fighting chance in using your kit.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your interest and thanks for telling me about OTTTD. It certainly look very interesting.

      The thing is, OTTTD is a very specific design blending TD with a bit of RTS and RPG. Where TDTK is made with TD in mind, throwing some elements that works well within the context of TD and at the same time easy to be configured such as abilities and perks. My honest opinion would be TDTK wouldnt be able to create gameplay of OTTTD in it's vanilla state.

      But having said that, TDTK does cover a lot of stuff you seen in OTTTD. The only major component that is missing is the RTS unit control and movement, and probably assignment of different abilities to different unit. If you ask me, I would say adding those two with specific gameplay in mind wouldn't be too difficult. So it's quite possible to do it if you are up a for some custom modification.

  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Im looking forward to using your Toolkit for the help of creating my TD/RTS/RPG game. I assumed I would need to add these RTS and PRG elements to work a long with your Toolkit. Im more of an artist anyways but finding your Toolkit helped a lot. I have buildings already made and hopefully would have a playable beta by December. I will keep you updated as well.

    Thank you again for your respond. I can't wait for your next release.