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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gravity Pong v1.0 (Open Source)

Lately, I feel like I've been overworked myself a bit on updating TDTK and TBTK. So I took a break on the weekend's evening. Instead of playing one of the game from all the backlog I have in my steam library like I should, I had a brain wave. And this is what I've come up with.

- use arrow key to move up and down -
- use space-bar to 'hit' harder -

Sick I know. My idea of a break is still very much working. Anyway, in case you dont know, there's a saying in game development community. When you first started and still learning, you should start small. And by small everyone means Pong, the grand-dad of video games. If you have no idea, just google it.

Now I've never play Pong or try to make it. So here I'm doing just that. I recon I'm a bit better than a total beginner so I figure this should be a bit easier. The goal is to complete it in an evening. I'm pretty pleased I did. I'm pretty happy with the result too. It's been a great fun and a good change of pace for me. There's joy to be have in doing simple things and get it done. 

Since I've never play the original, I improvised on the thing I dont know. So the physics of the ball trajectory may be way off. I've also add in gravity. It feels a bit like playing 2D tennis. Pretty fun I say. I still have many ideas that I want to try but having force myself to complete it in one session of sitting down, you have no idea how hard I have to fight the feature creep. Also I've purposely keep things simple after I decided what to do with it half way through working on it.

My plan is to make the source code available to anyone who is interested, as a learning material. For that reason, many things are kept relatively simple. I've also put in an unsually huge amount of commenting and explaining in the code. Honestly I've almost spent more time working on the comment that the code itself. 

I'll probably put this on Unity AssetStore as a free package, that is if they accept it. For now, here's the download link for the source code (Unity4.3 is required), have fun!

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