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Thursday, 2 October 2014

TDTK v3.0b WebPlayer Demo

Alright, I've spent way too much time on TDTK3. The good news is it's almost there. Still not sure if I should release it on AssetStore when it's done with Unity4.6 is still in beta. But for now I'm ready enough to put out a beta demo. Personally I think it's gorgeous! So, with pride, I present:

A little information about the demo, all the levels use procedurally generated spawn wave so it will be a different each time you play the level (I'm too lazy to manually set them up one by one). You can enter FPS mode by selecting any tower and click on the button with a cross-hair. While in FPS mode, you can use 'q' and 'e' to cycle between weapons.

Finally, I'm not sure how well the webplayer will work, both Unity and TDTK3 are still in beta. So feedback or bug report are welcome. Have fun!   :)