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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Annoucing Grid Defense!

* I have a few android keys for this game to give away. Please pm/email me if you are interested in playing the game. I would love to hear what you think about the game.*

The time has finally come. Ladies and gentleman I'm proud to present you my first solo commercial release. A little tower defense game with a very unimaginative name.

I've been working on this since the completion of TDTK4. The goal is to create a minimalistic but engaging 'classic' tower defense experience. One that allow various tower combination and open level design where the player can complete the level using any mean they see fit. The level design is where the most effort went. And I'm very pleased with how most of the level turn out, as I myself struggle to figure out the optimum way to beat each level during play testing.

As far as other aspect of the game goes, I've tried to keep it as simple as possible so that I wouldn't have to spend ages on this. This is after all just a side project while I get back to working on MechCorp again. I'll probably keep updating for bug-fixes, balance tweak and usability improvement. But depend on the reception I might even add more feature or content.

So this is what the game offer in it's current state. There are 12 towers in total. Each is useful in it's own way but you can only take 6 towers for each level. Completion of each level award stars which is used for upgrading existing tower or unlock new tower (You start with 3). The upgrades and tower unlocking are non-linear so you are free to choose whatever that fit your play style. Rinse and repeat until you beat all the levels (all 24 of them).

The upgrade screen of Grid Defense

Before you ask, yes, all this is based on TDTK4. A slightly modified one of course, to fit various design need. 

So It's currently available for window pc on and android device on Google play store for a low low price of $3. Check it out!

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