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Friday, 21 July 2017

Grid Defense Free!

We all know this is inevitable so here it's, free version of Grid Defense.

If you haven't read my previous post, Grid Defense is a little TD game that I've made very recently. It's available for both pc window and android. You can learn more about it in this post. I won't say it's great. But personally I think it's a solid tower defense game. I've had plenty of fun during my play-testing.

Anyway, the free version is pretty much the same game, only that it has got a paywall. The first 6 levels (from a total of 24) are available for free and the player are limited to 8 upgrades. There's no ads, no other in app purchase item except the pay wall alone. It's a demo with option to upgrade to full in a nut-shell. 

Go give it a try if you are reading this. And I hope you have fun playing the game.

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