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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TDTK v2.1.1 Released

Finally, v2.1.1 is now live on AssetStore. I know I have mentioned about this but please check out the new demo if you are interested to see the new UI in action. This update has taken a bit more time than I expected due to unforeseen problem. Still I managed to fix quite a few issues. Following is the changes I made:

  • added NGUI based ui, with fully commented code.
  • optimization of DrapNDrop Build mode. DragNDrop tower is now subject to dynamic batching.
  • added option to disable the transparent shader to sample tower in build preview.
  • tower animation has been reworked. Add option to assign animation for upgraded turret and base

Bug Fixes
  • fix bug where DirectionalCone and StraightLine targeting direction is not set properly when changed during runtime
  • fix bug on all ui where resource tower income were not displayed correctly
  • UIiOS will now show information about mine
  • UIiOS will now show information about DirectionalAOETower
  • when building on a rotated platform, the tower rotation will match the platform's
  • mine built with PointNBuild mode will no longer block a node
  • DragNDrop tower's renderer material's shader will not be set back to the default shader set in prefab instead of diffuse
  • and other minor bugs

The most notable addition are the NGUI based UI of course. This version included free version of NGUI but you should be able to make the upgrade to full version with relatively ease. The new UI should be compatible with both mobile and desktop build. It's also much more easier to customize in term of the layout. But I hope you understand that it's ultimately there to serve as an example and showcase. For the best result, you are still better off with your own implementation.

Also worth mentioning is that I have reworked the DragNDrop and tower preview mechanism during placement of a tower. Now the preview should be more robust with option to turn the transparent shader on/off. In previous version, there's no such option and the auto-shader change mechanism will always break the shader setting on any tower in DragNDropmode, as well as stopping the tower from being batched dynamically after being built, even when the tower is eligible.

There's some feature requests that I've left out due to the timing. I hereby apologize for that and thank you for your understanding. Wouldn't want to hold back the much anticipated NGUI based UI for much longer. :)

Anyway, please post any questions you may have in the official support thread. Thanks! Also, any comments are feedback are much appreciated!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    Several of the changes are absolutely KEY to my game; others involve big time-savers for me in terms of customization that I'd otherwise need to do. Can't WAIT to get rolling with it! :-)