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Monday, 27 August 2012

WIP and other stuff

Feels like I have been taking a very long break. Truth is I've been moving house. Good news is I have a more proper work place now which is good. Bad news is The internet connection at the new place is not brilliant. Slow is what it's. The area has no fibre optic coverage so there's no chance of upgrading. Very unfortunate. 

Despite me having a chaotic and busy schedule and what not. I've manage to find sometime to work on TDTK. It's mostly bug fixes following the last release. But that's not all. I have been working on a add on to enable multiple custom armor and damage type. Each damage type will have different impact on each armor type. For example, you can have small fire arms that is effective against infantry but no so much against vehicle. Or elemental shield that can effectively block a certain type of elemental damage. It's basically a damage multiplier table. Check this sneak preview image to get the idea.

You can have as many armor/damage type as you need. Each new armor/damage type will create a new column/row in the table which the modifier can be modified. I really like to make this system as flexible as possible so it can be a stand-alone component ready to be used in any game where a damage table might be needed, say a fps or hack and slash. However it will definitely be part of TDTK when it's ready. I say when it's ready because it's still a WIP at this stage so it might not be in the next update.

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