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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

PathFinder Update v1.0f (at long last)

It's very strange that I haven't received much feedback about PathFinder. As a path-finding solution I have expect there should be a lot of bug, little tweak that can improve the package. But that hasn't been the case.

Anyway, I have just submitted a new update to AssetStore. Nothing new, just a series of bug fix following recent feedback I got from user. Thanks to AssetStore sales, now it's finally being used by someone who is not me. Anyway, the list of the fixes included in the update are as follow:

  • fixed bug where clustering error occur when the are specified doesn't have similar widht and length.
  • fixed bug where agent would stop before just before reaching final waypoint. 
  • fixed bug where node generation would encounter error when negative start value for x and z is specified for the area.
  • example scripts (chase.js, patrol.js and RTSUnit.js) is now compatible for iOS compilation.

To be honest I don't think path-finding solution is no longer as in demand as it used to be now unity has their built-in path-finding solution. I'm sure Unity will keep on improving the built-in path-finding. That makes me wonder how helpful will a 3rd party solution like PathFinder is going to be come Unity4 in the near future. For that reason, I don't think there's a lot sense in putting more effort into improving this package.

Anyway, I hope user who have made the purchase got what they are looking for.

Edit 1Sep: A hot fix(v1.0f2) has been uploaded and now live on AssetStore following a bug report.


  1. It doesn't work for me.

    In GenerateNode() in NodeGenerator this block doesn't work:

    for(var cNode:Node in nodeGraph){
    if(Physics.SphereCast(cNode.pos+Vector3(0, agentHeight+agentHeight*0.1, 0), agentRadius, Vector3.down, hit, agentHeight, layerMask)){

    It null pointers at if (cNode.walkable)

    Similar nullpointer in pathfinder.js.
    The Chase object isn't moving at all. Set up for grid system, haven't set up any waypoints at all.

  2. hm.. That's an error I've never seen before myself. Does the example scenes work? Are you using the latest version? Can you give me more details of the setting you are using, sepcifically the area? Also can you let me know what are the message you can see in the log.

    Please send me an email so we can sort this out using email. You should be able to find my email in the contact details of the documentation.