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Monday, 12 November 2012

Annoucing TDTK Free!

It's TDTK and it's free!

Well it's not the full version of course, much of the feature in full version is stripped down but it should cover the basic for a simple TD game. The feature of course included:

SpawnManger with configuration spawn setting:
 - time-based spawn (spawn on a fix timer)
 - wave-based spawn (spawn as soon as the last wave is cleared)
 - round-based spawn (spawn based on user input after each wave)
 - support multiple creep type in each wave, with individual creep interval, delay and such

 - TurretTower, standard backbone tower in any TD game
 - AOETower, damage/debuff any surrounding creep within range
 - SupportTower, to provide damage/speed/range buff to nearby towers

 - Configurable move speed and HP

Flexible Scene Setup:
 - Flexible platform/grid placement
 - Each platform/grid can be customized to support/not-support any tower type.
 - Path can be setup as easy as placing waypoints

 - various shootObject/effects are supported
 - projectile, beam, visual effect
 - damage, damage over time, slow, stunned
 - detail documentation from straight from full version

note: PathFinding and mazing are one of the many things that are not supported in this free version.

For obvious reason, minimal support will be given to free version. The priority will be given to the full version.

You can download it from Unity AssetStore.

Please consider to make a donation or buy the full version if you find this useful.


  1. Hi Song(if i can call you that :p), i am considering purchasing the full version of TDTK, and i have few questions for you.

    1. is it compatible with Unity 4?
    2. the full version has the tag 'ios' to it. is it hard to make it work for unity web player?
    3. each horde has a start point and an end point in the map. i hope that it is possible to expand the code to facilitate dynamic shifting of the end point, as per our game demands. please confirm.

  2. Hi Mirror,

    Thanks for your interest. To answer your question:

    1. Yes, the latest version is now compatible with Unity4. It's now pending approval from Unity AssetStore.

    2. It's tagged with 'iOS' only to highlights its compabibility with iOS. It's ready to go for webplayer as it's for iOS or indeed PC stand-alone.

    3. I"m not sure about your meaning of dynamic shifting of end point. It's not supported at the moment. But if you could me an explaination of mechanic you needed, I could let you know if it can be done, easily or hard.

  3. Song, thanks for your response.
    As for my third point, putting it in crude words- every enemy horde starts at one point on the map, and go towards another point in the map via a code-generated path. the player's objective will be to stop the horde from reaching the second point. in our game, we intend to shift the 'second point' from one place to another, right in the middle of the game. is such a mechanic possible? please let me know if i am not clear

  4. Simply put, yes it's certainly possible. The full version included maze and path-finding element so that definitely involve shifting path in mid-game. The question is, how easy/difficult to modify the existing code to fit your mechanic. That of course, is depending on how the mechanic works. I cant comment until I know the full details.