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Monday, 5 November 2012

Status Update (NSS is awesome edition)

Just Submitted an update for PathFinder v1.0. I have put substantial amount into this update, almost everything has been rework. But I'll talk about it in later post, probably when the update is approved by Unity. But if you have been following the blog, it's basically about a more optimised and efficient graph type, as well as path-smoothing and addition of C# version of the code.

It's a bit worrying to be honest. My submission of last InputTouches update has been pending for more than 2 weeks. It normally take only a day or two, makes me wondering what has gone wrong. It's also frustrating at the same time that there are people who surely could use the update (which I promised) and I can't get it out. If you are wondering what's the InputTouches update is about, it contains some requested minor change by user as well as a whole set of examples in JS.

I'm looking forward to the approval of these two package. Also I have some plan for AssetStore, possibly a shocker, so stay tuned. :)

Apart from these, I've been working on a new but quite interesting free-lance work. It's still in early prototype and the game won't be available anytime soon. Still, it's always exciting to work on new stuff/mechanic that I haven't try before.

Finally, I should explain the title. What the hell is NSS? It's short for New Star Soccer. A ridiculously addicting and fun iOS game. It's rather terrifying, I find myself play it on my phone all the time, whenever I can, even when I can play stuff like guildwars2 and PES on my PC. However I suppose only those who have interest in football could really relate to it. The fact that it's so simple and yet it manage to capture some of the essence a whole a player contribution in a football match thing successfully is really impressive. Well not all of it is brilliant, certain aspect of it is quite arcady and gamey. Still credit where credit's due, it's really good. Consider that fact that it cost only $1 and it's free to try out. But if you plan to try it out, be warned that it's addicting as hell, so try at your own risk.

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