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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nope, It's not Tetris

It just appear that I've got some free time on my hand for the last few days and I thought of trying something new (or rather old) for a change. And this is what I have come out with:

It has the gameplay of Tetris for now but no, it's not Tetris. At least that's not what I intend to call it. There's a very good reason to it. Turns out there's actually a bloody copyright to the game. That's utterly bollocks in my opinion when such claim is made to a game. If that's that is true and right and practise by every developer in the industry, imagine what would happen? Everyone would just stop making game and sue everyone they can find.

Anyway, since there's a copyright claim to it and I've no intention of getting sued, I shall have to tweak the gameplay before I could put it on a AppStore. If I ever come to that stage. It's still very unpolished and unoptimised at this moment. I have only worked on it for a few days with spare hours. We shall see where can we go from here.

Have to say it's been fun and it's quite satisfying seeing it work. It's not much, but you can have a go too if you fancy it. Here's the webplayer, comments/feedbacks/questions are welcome! Hope you enjoy the music!

edit: ops, just notice that there's no control instruction/tootip in the game. So here it's:
  • wasd and arrow keys - left, right down and rotate
  • space - pause/resume, restart when game over

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