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Friday, 25 January 2013

Coming TDTK Update (WIP)

Been hard at work with the new addition/update of TDTK.

Last week I have shed some light on the new perk system I'm working on. I've since made a huge progress. For now the basic perk system with some preliminary perk type is ready. The basic UI is pretty much done as well. I'm considering adding various setup option to it to support several gameplay format right out of the box. Here's a preview of the perk menu at this point. You may catch a glimpse of what the perk system can do from it. You may also notice that I've added spawn information display. Please note that many of the icon are just place-holder.

Sample PerkMenu via NGUI free
Sample PerkMenu via default Unity GUI
Also to accommodate the perk system, I've revamped how the towers and resources management work. The new system will see all the components get access to the same pool of towers prefab and resource type. Say a tower has been added to the database, every BuildManager in every scene should be able to build it automatically. Then each tower prefab can then be enable/disable in BuildManager of each individual level. The resource system works in the same way. Gone the days where you need to configure each ResourceManager in each level just to get the name and icon right. More importantly, you no longer have issue where costs for tower is not compatible with the values of ResourceManager. 
Of course modifying these two leads to many other related elements. And while I'm at it, I've also made many tweaks that would make take away many of the tedium when using TDTK. Suffice to say I have reworked most of the kit, for the better of course.

Even at this point, this will be by far the biggest update and addition since TDTK2. And I might just add more stuff before release. Hope you like what you have seen and read so far.


  1. Sounds fabulous, Song! Really looking forward to the update. :-)

    Finishing up my prototype just now with the current version, and I have one very minor question: is it possible to block a player's ability to build on a path? I thought there once was a "build on path" checkbox that you could set to block towers from being built on the path, but I'm not seeing it. Not a huge deal, but it'd simplify some things.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  2. Can you please clarify? I'm not too sure about what you mean by building on a path. Do you mean blocking all the possible path on a walkable platform. If so, I believe I have taken that option off. The issue with that is it creates a lot of possibly game breaking situations, which are quite tricky to handle.

  3. AI-noob here. I am looking for a pathfinding solution that reacts dynamically to changes in the scene at runtime. Does your solution do that? Thanks.

  4. If you are refering to PathFinder, I'm afraid it cant do that yet.

  5. Hi Song,

    Just bought your PathFinder AI Package, and it works fantastically. One issue I have is that every time I move my top down character around the scene, all the enemy (which are using the PathFinder) always 'hesitate' about which path to take - and so they start aimlessly bump around whilst making there way over to me.

    So it doesn't look very smooth - Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction in resolving this? Thanks

  6. Hi oliverj777,

    Are the enemies using the example scripts? if so what is the script you are using? I'm not sure in what way they hesitate? Is it before or after a path has been found?

    You can send any information to my mailbox if that make things a bit easier.

    1. Hi Song,

      I'm using the 'Chase Transform' script in the example (JS). Where can I find your mailbox details?

      I shall send you more info via that.


    2. You should be able to find it at within the documentation included in the package.