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Friday, 11 January 2013

Requiem of a Project

Well, this is more of a requiem rather than a game announcement. Cause it pains me to say that whatever you see here wont ever be finished and released. It's the game I built for a contract work using both off the shelves and some custom asset. Since the project is dead and the concept is hardly ground-breaking, I figure it ok at least to describe the game and show some screen shots.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words so screenshot goes first. These two are the actual game play screenshot.

So basically it's a tower defense, mixed with element of top down shooter. Except your dont shoot, just button mashing as there are auto-targeting and all. But you will still have to use wasd key to move "hero" unit around so he gets into position where he can shoot. Then of course, you can also build towers to stop creep that  comes in wave along several fixed path. It's a bit weird at some places regarding the game I know, but then it's not exactly my idea to start with.

If some of the UI look very familiar that is because the game is built on top of TDTK. So the NGUI based menu is taken straight from TDTK. I was so hoping that this could be a prime demonstration of TDTK in action when dressed with real game worthly asset. Which bring me to the assets. most of the asset in there are off the shelves, towers, skybox, creeps, etc... The tile set used in the game are custom made by James Brady, a freelance digital artist. Pretty nice work there I say. The levels are designed then put together by myself.

The game has seven levels. There's no linear level progression or a story linking all these level together. So the player can just pick a level, hop in a go. Basically it is a score attack game with the goal is to get the highest score you possibly can in each level. There's s a store where you can unlock more tower type and buy in game bonus to help you beat the game. Of course the store is where the monetization comes in. On top of all that, there's a log in system to log in with either facebook to twitter acount. 

So that's pretty much all about the game. It's not the best of course. But it's pretty decent (imo) and it's months of effort. It's a shame nothing come out of it. Here are the general design and visual of the levels.


  1. You should put the store element to TDTK, I bet a lot of people would find it very useful, especially me!

  2. Very cool, Song! I'm sorry it didn't work out; I know how heartbreaking that can be when you've put a lot of effort and creative energy into a project. But hopefully the work you've done will inspire you to even cooler stuff in the future!