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Friday, 7 June 2013

TDTK v2.2.2f1

A new hot fix version of TDTK (v2.2.2f1) has just went live on AssetStore. Well well, as usual, this is a usual fix that normally happen following any major update. But it's more urgent than usual because of a critical bug with the relatively new AbilitySystem. The bug almost render any addition/removal of the abilities useless. Thanks to Adam, a keen user who reported it to me, I manage to fixed it. Apart from that, I've also fixed some other issues. Not much in fact, just two precisely, all of which are ability system related.

I have also been experimenting with various possible addition. These efforts included modular building/props sets and modular tile set for construction of a more purposeful game scene, inverse TD game mode where player spawn units and guide them through hostile towers (with branching and selectable path), multiple upgrade paths and more unique passive ability for towers... Basically nothing short of either ambition and huge workload.

So far, I've only managed these as of the current submission. They are all tower related: chance to instant kill creeps with certain HP threshold, chance to by-pass shield, chance to stop shield regeneration permanently, and setting to inflict damage to shield only (no damage to HP).

In short, here's the change/update log:

  • Added new options for tower stat (instant-kill chance, shield-breaker, shield-pierce, damage-shield-only)

bug fix
  • fix a critical bug with AbilityEditor and AbilityManager
  • fix bug ability effect aoeDamage where percentage damage will always be regard as straight damage value
  • fix ability button creation error with NGUI menu

Also, I will take this chance to do a shout out to Adam, acriticalStrike, Glenn Lusk. They have all left very positive review for me on AssetStore, which I really appreciate. Same goes for others who have done the same (I'm sorry I cant mention all so I will only do the most recent 3 entry). Many many thanks indeed, I'm humble by all your feedback and comment. I'm looking forward to do what I can to live up to your expectation.

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