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Monday, 17 June 2013

Turn-Based Tactic Game Update#2

Another weekend passed so here's another update. I'm intend to make weekly update for and post for this project. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

So as you can probably see I've add a few more polish touches to the UI. It's mostly just there to aid the gameplay. Also I've added a few unit abilities. Basically here's the addition:
  • UI polish
  • Unit abilities:
    • AimShot (increase attack and critical chance for 1 round)
    • RapidShot (gain additional attack for 1 round)
    • Fortify (increase defend bonus in certain tile temporarily)
    • MassRepair (heal all friendly)
    • Barrage (aoe attack an area)
    • StasisField (prevent a unit from moving/attacking)
  • and other little minute details.

The unit abilities works like this. Each unit gain 1 'AP' at each turn. Each ability will cost certain 'AP' to use. Just try the new webplayer build and find out what's new. It's an early build and the game is not exactly balance but any feedback/comments is much appreciated.

'A' to autoplace unit
q and e to rotate the camera, mouse wheel to zoom
hold spacebar to show all units' HP
'Escape' to deselect unit & cancel ability

If I'm honest, not a great deal has been added from the looks of things on the surface. True is I spend quite a lot of time working on the base framework of unit ability. I'm tyring to make something like the ability/perk system in TDTK. But It's proven to be quite tricky so far due to the diverse nature of the ability in a typical turn-based tactical game. Barrage and StasisField in particular has killed many of my poor brain cell. I've to use hack here and there to make things work at this stage.

The code has been restructured a lot as well. I'm trying to give it the facility and flexibility to modding. Make life easier for me to mod and build the actual game eventually when I'm happy with the base framework. If these elements works out well enough, I might consider releasing it to AssetStore as a toolkit.


  1. I like the improvements. The 1AP each round works great. Right now it is 1AP/Round fot each unit. But with a counter for each unit also. Thought about getting on AP per Unit, but into a global pool? Like, there are 5 Units, so you get 5 AP to spent on whatever unit and Ability they might have? Maybe as an alternative System?
    Also, will you add a buildsystem, where you can buy new Units? maybe even buildings (like a research facility that ups your weapons due to research in that field?)
    Will there be bigger boards possible?
    Like where this goes, can't wait to get my hands on the toolkit when you're done :)

  2. I'm still trying with various system at this point. We shall see

    But yes, I do intend to add somekind of build/tech tree. Again, we shall see.

    The board can get as big as it needs to. It's generated procedurally. I just keep it small right now so everything fit on my screen. It's easier to me to test things out.