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Friday, 23 August 2013

TBTK First Update Released, Mobile support Included!

So it's happening earlier than I expected. TBTK v1.0.1 is now live on AssetStore. If you havent know already, mobile support is now included.

Rather than describe what I did in a lengthy and whinny sentences, I'll just put down the change log. They are as follow:

Version Change – v1.0.1
  • optimization for mobile device
  • added touch input support for mobile device.
  • added support for camera control via touch
  • more comment and clean up has been added to the code
  • change the way attack animation delay works, delay duration can now be specified manually
  • point reward will no longer shown up when game end in non-persistant data mode
  • added optional minimum attack range for range unit

bug fixes
  • fix UI bug where ability tooltip not display correctly
  • fix bug where AI unit wont pick up collectible
  • fix bug where miss chance is mis-calculated and limited at 5%
  • fix bug where AP bonus on tile doesnt apply to unit

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