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Saturday, 21 September 2013

TurnBased-ToolKit (TBTK) v1.0.2 is now released

Finally, after the bug ridden mess that is v1.0 and v1.0.1, v1.0.2 is finally on AssetStore. And boy oh boy the list of addition and bug fix are huge!

Obviously I fixed all of the know bugs in the new update. Or so I hope. I've spent quite a lot of time play testing. Now to the new features:

First there's the cover system and fog-of-war system I've been talking about. It's what you expect it to be. They are two independent game element so you can choose to enable both, either or none of them in any given scene. When fog-of-war is enabled, player cannot see what beyond the range of sight of the target. When cover system is enabled, unit will be harder to hit when hiding beyond cover. It's a similar system with the one in XCom so there are two type of covers, half and full. More cover gives the unit more bonus against the attack. And they are directional as well. When working along with fog-of-war system, unit behind a wall of full cover will be invisible.

A test scene in demo using both fog-of-war and cover system. The AI unit will be invisible when they are beyond player's unit sight or behind walls of cover. The small minimap on top is to gives an indication of where in the AI unit.

The cover objects can be placed manually into the grid via the new GridPainter (yes, that is overhauled as well). And yes, you can make your own cover object using custom mesh

Then there's the AI, I've to recode it almost from scratch to fit the new cover and fog-of-war system. So now not only it obeys the rule in accordance of the fog-of-war and cover system rules in a scene, it also have some unpredictability when in a simple, basic scene. I've also add a small option to set the basic behaviour of AI to either passive (wont move until hostile appeared) or active (actively move around seeking target). Having said that, it's still some what basic if I'm honest.

Another big change is the turn system. The old system completely. Now instead of one TurnMode setting, there's TurnMode and MoveOrder. Turn Mode determine the turn basic turn logic
like which faction turn is it, when is a new round, etc. The options are:
  • FactionAllUnitPerTurn - Each faction take turn to move all its unit in each round
  • FactionSingleUnitPerTurnSingle - Each faction take turn to move a single unit in each round
  • FactionSingleUnitPerTurnAll - Each faction take turn to move a single unit in each turn. The round is completed when all unit has moved
  • SingleUnitPerTurn - All units (regardless of faction) take turn to move according to the individual unit stats. The round is completed when all units has moved. MoveOrder has no effect on this setting
MoveOrder determine which unit get to move first within a faction and if unit switching is allowed. The options are: 
  • Free - Randomise move order for the unit. Unit switching is enabled
  • FixedRandom - Randomise move order for the unit. Unit switching is disabled
  • FixedStatsBased - Arrange the move order based on individual unit stats. Unit switching is not allowed
So combined these two there are 10 possible type of settings available. That should cover a lot of ground.

And I think that's about all that excites me enough to talk about. For the rest, please read the change log bellow or explore it yourself. :)

Version Change – 1.0.2f5 (13 September 2013)
  • added XCom style cover system
  • added fog of war
  • added support for a all AI faction scene (no player faction)
  • Total Revamp of TurnMode and MoveOrder. More variant are now supported.
  • Better AI
  • Added more target area for unit-abilities (line, cone)
  • Editor interface change and renaming some of the unit stats.
  • tweak the aiming of the range attack visually so a hit look like a hit and a missed look like a missed
  • tweak the trajectory of projectile shootObject so it's more robust
  • Many tweaks across the whole framework

     bug fixes
  • lots of bug fix with regarding turn transition and logic
  • fix bug with unit placement
  • fix bug hit sound and hit animation is played even an attack is missed
  • projectile shootObject max shootAngle limit is now increase to 75
  • fix bug where projectile shootObject sometime bounce off or overshoot from the target
  • and tons of other bugs.


  1. Hi Song, excellent work. Just wanna check should I buy my version of TBTK on your blog here, or over on the unity site? Which will benefit you more financially, also I want all the new features listed in this post cause they sound HOT!!!

    1. Oh this post is 3 months old. All the features mentioned in this post has already been implemented. This is not a coming soon post, it's a post for update 1.0.2, which contain all the feature mentioned. The current version released is 1.0.6. A lot more has been added since 1.0.2. Perk system, square-grid wall between tiles, new NGUI3 and default Unity gui support, etc...

      You get the same content from both AssetStore or this site. The difference is you probably have better access on AssetStore but you pay a little bit more. Purchase directly from this site, you pay 10% less. I do get more if you purchase from this site as it's a direct transaction with me. I appreciate your thought but please dont bother about my financial benefit, choose what best suite you as a consumer. :)

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  3. is there any way for us to control other factions as well (like pvp chess on windows)

    1. Yes, there's a 'hot-seat' setting that allow multiplayer on the same device

    2. You check a check-box to enable hot-seat mod. Then specify how many faction is there in the game and gives each faction an numerical ID. Finally you setup units on the grid, with the factionID matches with those you gave to the playable faction. That should be it.