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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Updates Updates Updates...

Finally, all the latest update of PathFinder, TDTK and TBTK is now up on AssetStore.

The current iteration of TBTK is still very buggy at the moment so I wouldnt bother too much about it until the next update.

Next would be PathFinder. It's not really a big update, unless you like to use it for a vertical axis. Before this it use to only support xz-plane (horizontal) grid generation. So basically I've added grid-generation for xy-plane (vertical) following some user request. The next thing on the list would be to add serialization to the grid so it no longer need to be generated everytime the scene start. Still not sure how effective that is going to be in reducing load time, or how straight forward it's going to be implementing it. But we'll see when we get there. So the change log of the latest PathFinder is as follow:

PathFinder Version Change – 1.1.2
  • Added support for vertical grid (XY-plane)
  • Fix the inconsistency in the example scenes.
  • Fix bug where Agrid graph doesnt work if erode is set to zero

Finally, TDTK. The latest update fix a bunch of stuff with editors and the more recently added game play mechanic. The most notable addition would be the addition of the modular tile set to the package as well as the example scene. The updated demo is looking awesome after this small addition along with some lighting. I must urge you to check it out, just look at these screen shots!

However please note that the dsitributed package is export via Unity3.5 so it hasn't got the lighting treatment in the demo. Finally, here's the full list of the change/fix in latest update.

TDTK Version Change – 2.2.4
  • Icon can now be deleted before building to reduce build size (for NGUI only)
  • Added modular tile set to the package, applied to the demo scene.
  • Input for Ability system has been changed (right/left click has been swapped).
  • Added mobile support for abilityManager
  • Added mobile support for drag and drop building scheme
  • Tower position during drag and drop phase will now 'sticked' to the cursor, as opposed to the last valid position.
  • Change how overlay is assigned in the editors.
  • Add option for pre-calculated hit result upon shoot, to prevent tower for firing redundant shot
  • (configure in GameControl)
bug fix
  • fix bug with spawn editor where generate wave in finite mode gives error
  • fix bug where ability armor reduction on creep doesn't work
  • fix bug where creating a new scene doesn't work with only 1 resource
  • get rid of the warning sign in Unity4.0 and up
  • fix bug where path-indicator does not point in the right direction in Unity4.0 and up
  • fix bug where DamageTable is not taken into account for shield
  • fix bug where shield pierce doesn't work

*For TDTK user,  please note that the dsitributed package is export via Unity3.5 so the example scene hasn't got the lighting treatment as shown in the demo. If you wish to have that, please let me know and I'll send you a copy of the package from Unity4.2.

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