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Saturday, 6 July 2013

TDTK v2.2.3

A new version of TDTK is out. The main focus of this update is to to fix some critical bugs and polish the user interface. so it hasn't got a great deal of addition. Except the ScoreManager of course. So it's like what it says on the tin, a component to keep track of player score.

Like every other component, you can configure the various variables of the score calculation. Like how much score each creep kill gives, bonus for clean wave and combo for clean wave streak, boss wave bonus and so on. But again, it's all quite intuitive in my opinion, nothing too complicated. Following screen-shot should give you a pretty good idea about it.

Finally, here's the update log:

  • Added ScoreManager for scoring purpose
  • UI support for ScoreManager
  • Updated DamageArmorTableEditor with slicker and more intuitive interface
  • Added support to PathTD to auto re-sample and fit path to terrain height (still in testing state)
  • option to use custom gameobject for tower preview during build phase
  • added animation shoot delay for turret tower

bug fix:
  • fix selected tower UI bug where certain stats are not displayed
  • fix error with spawnEditor where wave count cant be edited in finite auto-wave generation mode 
  • fix a few critical error with infinite spawn mode
  • fix tooltip error with UI
  • fix some bug with wave info display
  • some other minor bug.

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