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Monday, 8 July 2013

Turn-Based Tactic Game Update#5

A major step forward this week. I've made quite a significant leap forward in several aspects. Starting with a few tweaks to the game mechanic. I 've got to pretty close to a state where I'm quite happy with. There are now various attack mode for the unit which is range, melee and hybrid. The first two are quite obvious, hybrid is basically for unit which can do both range and melee attack based on the range of the target. Then there's the counter attack mechanism, which allow unit to perform a counter attack to the attacker. All this combine with the abilities system, I guess it provide sufficient amount of flexibility to create a variety of interesting game play.

A great deal of work has been done to the details such as audio and animation. Unfortunately I don't really have the asset to showcase it yet. And I've put together a proper unit editing system. It's pretty much like the tower and creep editor in TDTK. Looking at the screen shot of the unit editor, it should give you a pretty good idea to what extent you can modify things. Just keep in mind it's not final and everything may still be changed.

Also I've ported the similar DamageArmorTable system from TDTK. This should enable setting up some rock-paper-scissors relation between the units. I've given the editor a face lift as well so it is more intuitive to use. The same update has been done to the one in TDTK too. So here's how the new editor looks like.

At this point I'm happy to say big picture is pretty much established. There are still many details that needs to be straighten out. Especially about the ability system. There's things to be added with the new tweaks to the core mechanic. I must say it hasn't really settled since I first started to work on it. On a hind sight it probably should have been the last thing I work on.

Anyway, until next week...


  1. Wow, love the direction this takes. One thing thou, would you be able to ad a Play-by-Mail/play-by-notification system where you save all your moves and send it to your other player to make his and vice versa? Would be a cool add to the system and one thing more and more turn based strategy-games will have (Kronos, Warmaschine:Tactics) And any Ide for an ETA? Will you do an alpha and or beta? Need some Testers?

    1. Well, the current goal is to get it out as a turn-based toolkit (TBTK?). So I guess I wont be getting into any of those yet. Just trying to get the basic framework done atm. I guess it's going to be like TDTK. I'll release it and then do feature addition and update from time to time along with the bug fix.

      I definitely have plans to make a full game using the framework after it's done. I have got the concept in my mind for quite some time now but I'm are still trying to nail the details. Perhaps that will only happen when I really get down to it and make the prototype.

      ETA for the toolkit release will be a few weeks from now (no more than 4). As for the game itself, no idea, we shall see.