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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Turn-Based Tactic Framework Update#7

Another week gone by and it's getting there. I'm almost at the stage where I'm mostly doing polishing and applying finishing touch. I'm hoping to get it done in two weeks time. I wont be releasing any demo now. Instead I'll only get to that when I'm done with everything. Also I'm planning on working a a video to show how everything work when that happen. For now, please just enjoy the screen shots I included in this post.

A lot of work has been put into polishing the interface. The most notable addition is perhaps the option/pause menu. HUD wise, more information is now available on screen at a glance. There's quite a lot of information to be displayed to be honest (who would have thought eh?). That just make you appreciate how hard is it to design a clean and intuitive interface that show all the vital information without getting too busy or confusing. Unit basic status, tile bonus, attack information and that's just the on screen information. I'm still working on the Unit Info panel. Even though it's there in the last update, It's still missing information like tile bonus and active effect.

I've redone a lot of code restructuring for the past week, to keep it more organised and simple so it make more sense to any potential user of the  framework. While at it, I've added more configuration option and make the corresponding interface for them. It's really sort of a clean up of the code in development stage and packaging into a end-user ready stage.

Of course, the framework is getting polished here and there while I work on the more notable stuff. There are a lot of small but significant changes/additions which I don't keep track of. Most of them wont even be visible on the surface. They are mostly about giving the framework the flexibility for future extension/addition.
The thing that are still on my to do list for now are completing unit information panel, rework the unit placement screen, finalize ability system (This is the real pain here) and finally, and this is just a thought,  let AI use unit ability.

Overall, it's still quite some way from the vision I have for this framework. There are still many things that I like to work on and add. But I'll keep that for myself for now. At least it is a pretty solid turn base framework for now. Hopefully I'll be wrapping things up this week and start to write the documentation next week.


  1. Can't wait to test it out. Two weeks, huh? Cool!

  2. One Question, can we choose the Size of the grid and black out fields of it? How big kan they get?

    1. Yes you can choose set the size of the grid. It can go as big as you want. But I dont get what you mean by 'black out fields of it'? You mean by disable the glow effect of the grid? That is all just texturing, I'll include some pre-fixed textures which offer the options.

  3. I meant to disable some fields to move on. Like in the Screenshot. Can we choose the fields that are not moveable on to? And can we set fields to block attacks from rageweapons? Like that a bow can't shoot if the attack would go over that field?

  4. Yes and no. You can manually set the state of individual tile to walkable or unwalkable. Even designate them as open for initial unit placement. You can hand place unit and collectible on any of the tile. This can all be done via paint style point and click scheme. I remember having a video in an earlier post which show this.

    However, range attack cannot be block across tile yet. Not that I haven't thought of it, just that I'm still thinking of how to do this. No doubt I 'll get to it at some point.