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Friday, 13 May 2011

RTS-X Development Update (Unit Upgrade Demo)

A lastest development report of my unnamed RTS project. Hmm, perhaps I should give it a name.

In short, here the stuff I've implemented since last update:

  • AI is now in place. You can expect in the final build each time you fight them they will employ different strategy. Unfortunately I can't demonstrate them just yet.
  • All GUI elements are now in place. The GUI and control scheme are almost finalised. Except all the icons for button, which are still place-holder until the finalised icon is drawn.
  • All units/towers are now upgradable, each with multiple levels of core upgrade and one unique ability that reflect their strategic role. I'll add even more upgrade in the future.
  • A prototype base structure that placed at the spawn point of each side. A game objective so to speak. Destroy enemy's base and you are victorious

So basically almost all the core gameplay element are in place. The rest are the visual aspect of the game. which is what I'm working on now. Of course, The path-finding can still use some work. The unit do get stucked from time to time for various reason.

Here's a lastest demo I put together to show some of the recent progress. There are no tower in this demo yet, I meant to save them for a late surprise.

This demo features:
  • all available unit in current development.
  • all the relavant upgrades of the units.
  • tooltip that gives you insight about the strategic element of the game.
  • AI with easy/moderate difficulty.
The power balance of the units and upgrade haven't been tested thoroughly. Therefore any feedback is welcome.

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