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Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Technical Demo

This is RPG demo showcasing what I've done in the past. It's piece together from some of my own experimental project and the work I've done for others.

There are 4 interconnected scene in this demo. Player can travel through each scene in reverse or chronological order. Well basically it's like travel between rooms in an rpg game. There's a running loading screen between each scene change.

A mini-map is display at the top right corner indicate player position and view orientation of the camera as well as the position of the event orbs. A scene change will be triggered whenever player enter this orb.

An simple pick and drop inventory system is in place. player can equip the character with the item in the bags slots. The are 3 equitable slot, weapon, shield and helmet. The equipped item will be shown visually on the player character.

There are no combat system or any monster in place yet. Not that I've never done it but I don't feel like putting it in now. Perhaps I'll add in more stuff in the future when I've more things to show for.

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