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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The march of the Footman

A week past since Footman v0.1 is first published on knogregate. Have to say I've been very much on the edge everytime I check the play count and comments.

But I'm very pleased to say that it's overally well-received. I've got 1700 plays in seven days! Above all, I've got a rating of 3.2 our of 5 after being rated by more than 100 people. Not bad at all, considering the game itself is very minimal. Really, big thanks to all those people played and rated.

To be honest I didn't want to publish it. It's still too basic and unpolished in my view. Anyway, at least now it motivates me to come up with a better version. I plan to have it ready no lastest by mid May. Not sure if that's possible. It is a hell lot of work to do for a one man team. Anyone who can contribute some 3D props are most welcome.

Stay tune...

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