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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Technical Demo Update

Made some major update on the inventory system and uploaded a new demo.

The changes are:
  • Revamp the inventory system. Now the interaction works like a typical drag and drop. Just like the typical one in most RPG, ie. World of Warcraft.
  • Also added a shop option, no money transaction yet (a relatively easy feature I think). but the point is to demonstrate how the shop items is arranged.
  • Item can be deleted by right click when it's picked up. 
  • Functioning tooltip showing information of the item in the inventory slot when mouse hover over.
  • Currently tweaking the whole system so it's easily adaptable to other project. Also working on making the system more flexible so any configuration to the system can be done easily.

* The link in the previous post has been modified to link to the lastest version of the demo.

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