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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Footman version 0.1

Introducing my first ever publicly available game demo, Footman, version 0.1.

It's a very simple RTS with it's only goal is to stop the incoming enemies from stealing your crate. It is actually an idea originated from Tower Defense(TD). Instead of bulding towers like typical TD, you deploy different types of units to stop in incoming waves. You can also upgrade your unit to fair better against the increasingly powerful incoming waves. Of course, there are towers to aid your struggling effort like any TD defense. Instead of pumping all your resources into deploying more unit, you can spend them on tower which is also upgradable like the units. Here's a screen shot:

The demo is now being host on kongregate in the following link:

This is of course but a very very early demo about a new game concept I'm working on (There's only one level!). So please pardon the any shortcoming you come across. Please, do feel free to leave a comment after you play it. I love to read positive comment, even more so about constructive criticism.

Ultimately the end product of this project is gonna be an alternate RTS. One where you decides the general strategy bu need not worry about controlling and micor-manage the unit. I'm working on the next demo, which would more or less resemble the final gameplay. And it's gonna be very different from this one.

Cant wait...

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