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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

RTS-X Update 4th May 2011

Some progress report on the development.

I've decided to change the theme of the game to sc-fi setting. With laser and plasma and mech hacking and shooting each other. Give me more freedom to think what the towers and units can do, without resorting to magic. Well actually not, It's just easier for me to do the modeling and texturing. I can come out with whatever vague shape and texture and say that is whatever I say it is.

Here's a preview of how are the units gonna looked, or shaped like in the game. I said 'shaped' because obviously they arent textured yet and I'm really hopeless at that.

I didnt give them legs as that would require more effort to animate them. Instead I give them some sort of jetpack stuff. So it looks like they are hovering above the ground. Pretty neat work-around I think.

I've basically have all the core gameplay elements wrapped up. So I've now got functional unit and tower. Like to put a video up but I gave up after spending a while trying. I've never ever make a video before. One of the new feature is a new path finding algorithm. So instead of being confined to navigate along a narrow path, the unit can now navigate open area with multiple obstables so the action can now take place in an open area.

In the new game, each unit/tower is gonna get their own set of upgrade options. Which mean this gives me a huge amount of work to put together a working and not so ugly GUI for the players to navigate through all the upgradables option. It's a long and painful job this, plenty of graphical work and tedious coding. This the fruit of my labor so far after almost a full day works:

Looks completed but I'm cheating by putting on the similar button texture. In the end product they should all be different. So I might have only completed 10 percent? or less if I decided to throw in more stuff. But at least it look quite decent at this stage. The most painful thing is, I might use another method of GUI implementation in the future in favor of game performance so all the coding work might go down to the drain. >.<

Just another typical development process I guess...

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